Help for Lawyers

Are you overwhelmed by the stress of law practice or struggling with anxiety, grief, or symptoms of depression? Perhaps you are concerned about your increased use of medication (or other drugs) or alcohol to ‘take the edge off’? You are not alone.

LCL can help. Your call and all LCL Helpline services are 100% confidential.

Approximately one in four Pennsylvania lawyers will struggle with a significant mental health or substance use (i.e. problematic alcohol or other drug use) condition during his or her career. Many of these conditions are chronic and progressive – they do not resolve on their own. They often lead to worsening health, strained relationships, and/or diminished professional competence. It is imperative for an attorney to receive the help he or she needs in order to mitigate these consequences and restore him or her to health and personal and professional well-being.



A recent landmark survey, co-sponsored by the American Bar Association, of nearly 13,000 practicing lawyers in the United States revealed that attorneys struggle significantly with mental health and substance use issues.

  • Lawyers that report struggles with anxiety: 61% 61%
  • Lawyers that met criteria for depression: 28% 28%
  • Lawyers that reported symptoms of stress: 23% 23%
  • Lawyers that met criteria for problematic alcohol use: 20.6% 20.6%
  • Lawyers that reported suicidal thoughts during their career: 11.5% 11.5%

Krill, P. R., JD, Johnson, R., MA, & Albert, L., MSSW. (2016, January/February). The Prevalence of Substance Use and Other Mental Health Concerns Among American Attorneys. Journal of Addiction Medicine10(1), 46-52. doi:10.1097/ADM.0000000000000182.

Confidential Helpline Services

Our confidential Helpline is answered live 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. LCL staff will answer questions, provide general information and assist you in selecting the service(s) best suited for your needs.


  • Your call and all Helpline services are 100% confidential.
  • All Helpline services are voluntary and free of charge.
  • We do not report any identifying information to any party (including the Supreme Court or any of its agencies) without your express consent.
  • You may choose to remain anonymous and still receive any or all of LCL’s services.
  • You may accept, decline or disengage from any or all of our services at any time. We freely offer you our services and support, but you retain control.