Help for a Judge

LCL offers confidential assistance and services to all Pennsylvania judges, including the minor judiciary (both lawyers and non-lawyers).

Because judges hold a special position in both the legal community and the public eye, it can be especially difficult for them to acknowledge and ask for help to address their own mental health and substance use issues. If they do not get the help that is needed, they are at grave risk of causing harm to their health, relationships, and professional competence.

Attorneys may recognize the warning signs of impairment in a judge but may be reluctant to make an approach due to fear of potential repercussions to their clients and careers. Rest assured, your call is confidential and your identity will not be disclosed without your permission. You may remain anonymous if you so choose. 

Executive staff will listen to your concerns and assist in developing a plan to approach a judge who may be in distress and/or showing signs of personal and/or professional impairment. Our specialized judges assistance program, Judges Concerned for Judges, can provide comprehensive confidential resources specifically tailored to meet the unique needs of the judiciary.

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A message for judges:

LCL established Judges Concerned for Judges (JCJ) in 2012 to better address your unique needs and concerns. The Judges Confidential Helpline number is 1-888-999-9706. JCJ offers extensive confidential services and support, including peer volunteers who are also judges. For valuable resources and more information about Judges Concerned for Judges, please visit the JCJ website: