Help for Family Members

Worried About a Family Member?

Are you worried that your child, sibling, spouse or parent may have a problem with substance use or may be struggling with an emotional or mental health issue? Are you hesitant to say anything? Have previous attempts to express your concerns been met with defensiveness or denial?

 The Only Wrong Thing to Do is Nothing.

LCL can help by providing:

  • Intervention assistance: LCL’s experienced staff can help guide the development and implementation of an optimal motivational approach to encourage your family member to seek help.
  • Free literature, general information and resources for you and/or your family member.
  • The support and lived experience of a volunteer who has also struggled with a loved one’s mental health or substance use issues (peer support).
  • A free and confidential assessment for your family member by a qualified healthcare professional.
  • A free and confidential consultation with a qualified healthcare professional for yourself, if needed; As a friend or family member, you may also need support. An individual’s substance use or mental illness can negatively impact the entire family.
  • Assistance with overcoming obstacles to treatment and/or recovery.

The call and our services are free and confidential. Why delay?  Your call to LCL does not obligate you to take any action. We will answer your questions, provide free literature, and offer guidance.

Our motivational intervention model has proven very successful in engaging individuals in collaborative and meaningful conversation about their mental health and/or substance use. We avoid emotional confrontations and blaming. We build trust and encourage acceptance of help through calm and supportive dialogue.