Help for a Judge

Judges are people, too, and suffer from substance abuse, addictions, depression and other mental health disorders just like everyone else. When these illnesses are left untreated, they worsen over time and inflict great suffering. That is why LCL offers assistance to all Pennsylvania judges including the minor judiciary (both lawyers and non-lawyers).

Because judges hold a special position in both the legal community and the public eye, it is especially difficult for them to ask for help. Without help, they are at grave risk of harm to their health and professional competence. Unless someone intervenes, the untreated judge will, sooner or later, lose everything – their health, their marriage and families, their career and, sometimes, their lives.

Attorneys may recognize the warning signs of impairment in a judge; however, are reluctant to approach the judge because of the potential repercussions to their law practice and their clients. Fortunately, there is a new Judges’ Assistance Program which can assist in approaching a judge who may be in distress and is showing signs of personal and/or professional impairment.

If you are concerned about a judge, please call the Lawyers’ Confidential Helpline to be put in contact with either the LCL executive staff or a professional interventionist.

A Message for Judges: LCL has established Judges Concerned for Judges (JCJ) to better address your needs and concerns. The Judges Confidential Helpline is 1-888-999-9706.  For more information on Judges Concerned for Judges, see the JCJ website:

Your call is confidential and your identity will not be disclosed without your permission.